There are several elements to consider as you plan an evangelistic event, with prayer and promotion being the two primary components.To effectively promote an event, you will need to perepare your material and most importantly secure the support of as many people as you can.

Whether it is a youth rally, a festival or any other form of event, personal invitations are always the best puplicity. 

In addition to providing printed material, consider having a plan to follow up with those expressing interest in spiritual issues. For exemple, a follow-up course is important in order to help new-believers or God-seekers come to an improved understanding of the truth.An example of a follow up course, compiled by François Boudreau is « Victorious ».

Through weekly one-our sessions, you can cover the fondations of the christian life in six weeks and help provide a good start toward a victorious and fulfilling Christian life.

For your promotional material :

Download a poster you can modify with the details of your event.

Your text should be written in white on the available black space.





Course to cover the foundations of the Christian life

Please take the time to read the Teacher’s Manual.

Note that the French edition has been expanded to include two other important lessons.




Here are some resources for printed material



Who has delivered us from the power of darkness, and has translated us into the kingdom of his dear Son (Colossiens 1.13)