During my college years in Canada, I met a businessman who offered me a small book.

I was hurrying upstairs for a few hours of juggling practice. At first, I did not want to be distracted, but the countenance of the man and the book in his hand was irresistible. On that day I received a new testament that would start a work in my life.

« the book in his hand was irresistible. « 


« God spoke to the heart of a Christian lady … »

That night, I read some passages in the gospel of Mathew, wondering if such a story could be true. In fear I put the book away, but would soon be drawn back to it, and take it along just about everywhere.

About a year later I heard clearly for the first time that through believing in Jesus Christ I would receive eternal life. It was one of those nights, coming home late with friends in the early morning hours. As we neared the apartment building, God spoke to the heart of a Christian lady at about three o’clock in the morning, telling her to take her trash out to the dumpster. She met us in the hallway, and knew that it was God’s appointment. She invited us into her apartment, and shared the gospel with us. The next day I prayed to receive Christ as my saviour. I had not made up my mind about following Him, and I am not sure what I understood at that moment. The real turning point would come some six months later.

At the time I had just begun to work as a professional magician, or illusionist, but I was seeking something more than good tricks. I was interested in occultism, and had read some of their books in search of interesting stories to include in the dramatic presentation of some tricks. I realized there was a dark side to the spiritual world. One night, I was thinking within myself about how great it would be to have real supernatural powers, not just to do tricks. Maybe a little bit like the miracles of the bible, or to be able suggest thoughts to an audience. If I would ever be able to do more then just tricks, I thought at that moment, I would find success.

« …I was seeking something more than good tricks. I was interested in occultism… »

« …I would lose the control of my life. »

As I was wondering how to find such abilities, I was practicing a trick where I would make appear four lit candles. Suddenly, I felt a strange presence enter my apartment. I was not alone to feel it. At first, I felt that this presence sought to come inside of me. It was so strong that I thought that if I would open my soul to it, I would lose the control of my life. I decided to reject it. At that very moment, the person next to me fainted, and I could feel a very strong, invisible, and evil being present in the room. At that moment I clearly knew in my heart that it was no longer time to play the fool with my life, and that I had to come to Jesus Christ for safety. I know that at that time I clearly received Him as my saviour, and started to follow Him. I can’t prove it, but I believe my experience that day was related to the spirit world; as I realised the existence of both evil forces and God’s, I was compelled to choose God.

A few months as I was praying and begging God with tears, asking Him to let me continue my life as an entertainer; promising to also speak about Him. During an exceptional moment, God spoke to my heart; not in an audible way, but I know it was He and it was clear to me. I understood it was time to give up entertainment as a life style, and that it was not for now to use my talents to share things about God and my faith. It was a good decision since at that time, the show business was my god.

« …time to give up entertainment as a life style… »

After some time, I picked up some old tricks to teach simple lessons to children. Since then, I have developed it to the point of having several shows available. Being called into the ministry, I have always used creative arts in evangelism. I have found them effectives, just as much in Canada or the U.S., and all over Eastern Europe.

Together with my wife Claudia, we have 5 children, all born in Hungary during our missionary. We live in Terrebonne, just north of Montreal.