Are magic tricks or illusions copatibles

with the bible? 


« Handbook of Today’s Religion”, (Josh McDowell & Don Stewart) provides the following definition, ”Magic – in occultism, any practice which seeks to use or manifest occultic powers. In entertainment it refers to sleight of hands and tricks used to entertain.” 

During  each program, François highlights the difference between illusion, and  « real magic », explaining that all he performs are tricks, where sleight of hand, and nothing related to the supernatural. As Andre Kole says: « any five-year old could do these tricks, with twenty years of practice… »


What the bible condemns as a practice, which sometimes is translated with the word “magic”, refers to occultism, and sorcery, as opposed to the popular form of entertainment often referred to as magic. Thus, a clearer understanding of the various definitions of magic may alleviate the concerns that some Christians have related to the use of tricks or illusions in evangelism.

For further information on this topic, refer to the following article: Robert H. Hill. « Should a Christian Do Magic or Conjuring? » (Click on this link to view the article),

Some non-Christian magicians have used tricks while pretending having some supernatural abilities; that would make them liars. I prefer to use the term « illusionist ».

As people are fooled in life, they believe all kinds of lies. Only the word of God is our infalible source of truth.

This is a good illustration provided through sleight of hands!