Ministry Referrals

What others have said about the creative work of François Boudreau:

« I would like to warmly recommend Mr. François Boudreau for a unique presentation of the Gospel that will not miss to amaze. His presentation is suitable for a public of all ages. With tricks where the hand is faster then the eye, I was pleased to see an impressive show executed with all professionalism. His experience in evangelism has facilitated the integration in his presentation of the great truth of the gospel message. The sceptics will be dumbfounded and the children will ask for more. »
François Fréchette

TV show host, Heure de la Bonne Nouvelle

« We planned a Back to School event in our Saturday morning movie theater church.  At least 95% of the over 300 who came were completely unchurched.  Thanks to François Boudreau and his creative presentation we found a way to communicate an uncompromised gospel in a way that the unchurched could understand.  It was so memorable to see and hear people from all religious and non-religious backgrounds applaud spontaneously at the name of Jesus.  If you are looking for a way to connect with the unchurched for your event I would highly recommend François Boudreau’s ministry. »
Joe Friedland

Lead pastor, Cityreach Church Brossard

« Francois Boudreau has now visited Milton Christian School twice. His creation of fun and engaging performances for the kids keeps them captivated while learning about Jesus.

His fun illusions had the kids engaged and cheering for more. His puppet shows are second to none. MCS can’t wait to have Francois join us again!»

Howie Martin


« We had Francois join us for our fall kickoff at our church and he did not disappoint! The kids loved his presentation of both the tricks and of the Gospel.

You could tell that he has a huge passion for what he does by using illusions as just another way to teach people about what Christ has done for them. Would love to have him back! »»


Pastor , True Life Church,

« We had Francois come and perform a 45 minute program for our high school youth group. Not knowing what to expect, I was pleased to find that both the youth and the leaders were enthralled throughout the duration of the program. The performance was entertaining, the message was profound, and I was particularly impressed with how accommodating Francois was (even though we were behind schedule). Thanks again.»
Jonny Dotson

Youth Director, Richview Baptist church, Toronto

« We invited François for a family worship service as we started the school year. Our brother has well addressed the assembly that was made up of all ages. We need men and women like him, able to use their artistic talents for the glory of God. »
Philppe Bonicel

Head pastor, l’Île Jésus church

« If I would summarise François’s ministry in two words, I would say: François captivates! As He does it through illusions and object lessons, the young people are glued to him. His approach offers sound and appropriate life applications. He is dynamic and involves the audience. The outcome is that the teaching time goes at lightning speed as children are listening from beginning to end. »
Martin Jalbert

General director, Word of Life

« To see the amazement on the faces of the children tells a lot! The message that goes with the artistic presentation is A+. May the Lord bless you in this ministry! We will have you again! »
Jennifer Dalaire

Director, Children’s club , Sherbrook

« We have been impressed and encouraged by your ministry as you performed at our banquet. Thank you for your participation. I hope that many of our pastors will contact you in the future. »
Gary Connors

Director, Quebec Bible Institute

« … You were excellent; my God bless you!»


Shady Farag

Director and founder, Land of Hope ministries

« …Thank you so much for accepting our invitation and facing the bad weather to come and share God’s message through your talent.

It was an extraordinary experience that has impacted many until now. The children of the La Corde center, and the community of Cloverdale have been amazed to hear the message of Jesus Christ so creatively presented. »

Asmick Jean Jacques

Director, La Corde

« We appreciate his systematic and structured approach in evangelism. His tricks are well adapted to illustrate the truth he is teaching. François takes the time to adequately explain the concepts of the Christian faith with precise explanations from the Word of God for children. There is no compromise with what God expect from them. We greatly appreciate his work. »
Pierre Munger

Director, Brochet camp